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Our Philosophy- “Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas.”

These principles, translated as “durability, function, and beauty,” are the essential components of architecture as set forth by the Roman Architect Vitruvius in his “Ten Books on Architecture.” We feel strongly that a building’s aesthetic must endure over the course of its lifetime. To us, architectural beauty is a result of authentic detailing, quality craftsmanship, natural proportions, appropriate massing, and sensitive placement on the site. We do not arbitrarily impose style per se; we allow the building to develop as a function of the program, building site, neighborhood context, and the aesthetic tastes of the client.

With each project, we at Firmitas seek a balanced synthesis of program, budget, sustainable design strategies, historic context, and adaptability for the future. We apply these tenets to housing types across the spectrum, from farmworker housing and multifamily mixed-use developments to high-end custom residential homes.

Constructing a building or a community is an act of permanence. The design decisions we make in conceiving a project will impact the occupants, neighbors, and the greater public on a daily basis for decades after a building is completed. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.